Our Story

My name is Cadey. I am a stay at home mom of two beautiful boys and three wild fur babies. When my husband and I met, I was single mom to our oldest son. In 2017 we started Travis Creations on Facebook. We sold custom furniture and decor to raise money for my husband to adopt our son.
In August of 2018, shortly after we brought our second baby into the world, I started customizing shirts for our fundraising efforts. Along the way I fell in love with getting to not only create, but get to know each of my customers. There is something so special about knowing that customers come to me for their custom orders and allow me to be a part of special events in their lives.
By December of 2018 we had reached our goal and finalized the adoption. I didn't want to stop creating so I found a new goal to raise for, our wedding. We had postponed a ceremony so that we could put all of our focus into the adoption. So, once that was finalized, my fundraising efforts went toward our wedding. Fast forward to August of 2019, we were finally able to say I do.
After this, I knew I was ready to make Travis Creations a permanent addition to my life. After months of set backs in our personal lives, I am so happy to say that Travis Creations LLC is here to stay. I never dreamed that a hobby would turn into a business, but here I am!
Thank you to everyone who has been here throughout this journey of mine and allowed me to achieve these goals.